Golf Saudi Upholds The Highest Health And Safety Measures

Dustin Johnson was crowned the champion for the second time on Sunday to conclude the third edition of the Saudi International powered by Softbank Investment Advisers. Upon conclusion of the tournament, Golf Saudi further recognised the efforts of all involved to deliver the tournament during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Together with the Ministries of Health, Sports and Interior, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the independent medical consultants, Covid-19 precautionary measures were implemented to ensure the safety of all individuals across the event.

Golf remains in a fortunate as social distance and contact avoidance is possible within the sport, in addition to it being played in the open air.

Majed Al-Sorour, the CEO of Golf Saudi and the Saudi Golf Federation, commented: "We drew this remarkable success from our country's great Vision 2030. The Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God preserve him, has instilled determination, purpose, and mastery in the work of each and every Saudi, and this has brought brilliant results in every field. We, as Saudis, are very capable at organising international sporting events while fulfilling the best international standards. Our thanks and appreciation go to our leader in golf, His Excellency Mr Yasser Al-Rumayyan, who always leads our country to success.”

 “With regard to the precautionary measures and the impressive success achieved in implementing social distancing within stadiums and among participants. Golf will flourish everywhere as people have realised that it is a sport in which there is no room for friction, everyone is responsible for their own ball, equipment, and way between playing areas. It is therefore the perfect sport for social distancing.”

Al-Sorour concluded: "Everyone shares in the success of the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Interior. Their roles were effective and decisive in imposing protective non-mixing measures and accomplishing adherence to preventive measures."

Due to the ongoing risk of Covid-19, the tournament was played without a live audience. Despite this, it was one of the largest broadcasts of sport in Saudi ever, the four-day tournament was broadcast to around 330 million homes across six continents.

Top players, like world no.1 Dustin Johnson, returned to the Kingdom to compete at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club for the third time. Their return to play in Saudi Arabia showcases the appeal of high-level competition atmosphere the Kingdom delivers each year.