Golf Saudi gets 5,000 people playing golf for first time at Oud Square in Riyadh

Over 5,000 Saudi nationals celebrated the Kingdom’s National Day by heading down to Oud Square to take part in an 18-hole mini golf course set up by Golf Saudi in the Diplomatic Quarter.

Welcoming a mix of families, friends and colleagues, the event showcases Golf Saudi’s determination to grow the game with local people and for many of the beginners who had never picked up a club before, it was a perfect introduction to the game.

Part of an extensive golf development programme, in addition to upcoming world class events and new ways to play the game, there has never been a better time for people in the Kingdom to get into golf.

One local participant, Abdulaziz, had never played golf before and really enjoyed the experience, saying: “It was so much fun, I would play this over and over again. I’d love to bring my children to play golf – they would learn to be patient, to be creative and to respect the rules”.

His Excellency Yasir bin Othman Al-Rumayyan, Chairman of Golf Saudi, said: “Sport provides us with the most comprehensive opportunity to realise our national vision, to diversify our lifestyle and grow our economy. The power of golf will stand as a pillar over time and we believe that the sport will become one of the nation’s favourite pastimes.

“As the Kingdom demonstrates its position at the heart of the Arabic and Islamic world, it also continues to realise its role as a global investment powerhouse and demonstrates how its continued investment in sports and, in this instance, golf can unite our nation’s stakeholders and enhance international relations.”