Golf Saudi Statement: Covid-19

Golf Saudi Statement: COVID-19

Golf Saudi is taking the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and is closely following the advice of both the Saudi government and the Ministry of Health.

We urge all citizens, residents and visitors in Saudi Arabia to stay safe by social distancing and remaining indoors. You should only go outside during the day if it is necessary to buy goods or to visit a pharmacy. With this in mind, all golf courses will remain closed until further notice.

Statement from Yasir Al Rumayyan, chairman of the Saudi Golf Federation: “The world continues to face an unprecedented health crisis and I would like to express gratitude to our colleagues who, from the safety of their homes, continue to work towards Golf Saudi’s vision. Golf has the unique ability to bring people and communities together to both play and watch the sport we love. We look forward to the moment we can do this together once again, however in the meantime, stay home, stay safe and if out for essentials stay at least 1.5m apart.”

For questions related to healthcare while in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health has a dedicated phone number on 937 and mobile app: Mawid.

For questions related travel and tourism, call the 24/7 tourist advisory line on 930 (in Saudi Arabia), or use +966 920 000 890 if outside the Kingdom.

For questions related to visa extensions, please call 922 (in Saudi Arabia), or +966 920 000 890 if outside the Kingdom.